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Private Label

Commercial customers

Products are always comparable in the original area or if you as the dealer purchase third-party brands or neutral cardboard packaging. We create the opportunity for small and medium-sized commercial customers to establish their own brand. We store raw products as you order items as needed, and we are also happy to deliver directly to your customers.

  • Broad product range right from the start in the areas of laser and copiers

  • Inclusion of additional products that you require for your customers

  • No storage costs

  • Own packaging – unrivalled among the competition

  • Third-party deliveries directly to customers

  • XXL toner programmes for MPS and CPP specialist dealers

  • Free packaging from 500 items per month, at cost price for smaller item numbers

Industrial customers

Are you a corporation or a large-scale company with over 500 printers? Unfortunately, it is often the norm these days to find these goods on auction platforms especially if you use original products.

We, therefore, offer private labels for devices without service contracts for large-scale companies. We are also happy to cooperate with your specialist dealer who maintains your machines.

  • We store non-contractual products for your printers as you order items as needed.
  • Savings up to 40% compared to the original

  • No theft due to private labels that cannot be sold on the free market